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I - V Standard - Primary section

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Little Champs English Medium School has aim is to empower the children with proficiency that will lead them to become outstanding observers, explorers, thinkers, great learners as well as sensitive and ethical human beings. The purpose of education is not just employment but more importantly, personal fulfillment and self improvement.

With explosion in technology the world is becoming smaller, not only has competition increased but it is now on global scale. In order to succeed in life your child has to be better prepared than you ever were. In order to do so we nurture the bodies, mind and hearts of our students.

The real world is becoming highly competitive. It's looking for well developed, skilled and result oriented citizens, rather than those who have degrees just for the sake of it. It is our school's purpose to educate each student to his/her maximum potential.

Most of the people try to like what they do, very few get to do what they really like. Those who do what they like excel in their chosen fields. This is the underlying philosophy of the school: The Strength Theory: Identify the in-born strengths of the child and develop them to the fullest extent. Nurture the interests of the students. By the end of the school years let the student be really excellent in at least one thing. It is our experience that students learn some subjects faster than others. This indicates, to some extent the real aptitude of the student.

Objective and Features of the School

red_btn The school will provide a safe and secure environment.

red_btn The School Administration, Faculty, Students and Parents will be key drivers of a good school community.

red_btn School will help the child to grow into a competent learner and confident communicator.

red_btn Comprehensive projects for studentís personality development and overall progress.

red_btn Projections of different activities and programs (Yoga, Dance, Music, Meditation, Debate, Sports, Computer education, Games).

red_btn Trained and experienced Teachers.

red_btn Well-developed play devices and toys.

red_btn There is ample provision for various indoor and outdoor activities.

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